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NEW Baskets, Giftbaskets and Art Pieces

I personally weave all of the baskets I sell. Custom orders are welcome.

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Pump it up                 $16.00

These baskets are woven over tall jelly jars. The dark lids have pump adaptors to make a statement for your favorite hand soap.  EVEN BETTER, fill with your HAND SANITIZER of choice for a nicer presentation to the necessary procedures to keep ourselves safe and free of  infection.

Center Basket Sold

The Desk Mates

This group of baskets were designed with those children who have had to stay at home and participate in distance learning.  They also could be used by those working from home due to the pandemic.  Many of us do not have "study"  and "work" space set aside in our homes. Any room in the house that will accommodate their needs is being utilized. 

Included here are baskets that can be used for writing implements, note pads, paperclips, erasers etc. and for the preschoolers their own box of crayons

LITTLE CRAYOLA                               OUI YOGURT COPS

these wood based baskets             Do you have a yogurt lover on

are 4" x 3" x 4" tall and come        you list? These baskets are

with a new box of 24 Crayola         woven over a glass Oui Yogurt

Crayons. Each is embellished         cup. Great for paper clips, 

with colorful buttons.                       erasers of spare change

The 2 center Baskets are still


                                                            Q-tips or cotton balls. One

                                                            even has a plastic lid

Choose by number left to right for both

1,2,3 4                                                        1,sold,4

   $14.00 each                                                $12.00 each

Desk Mates

These baskets are all woven off of drilled Luan bases. 3" 5" & 6".On the left bases are 3', 5" 3", 3" all  are 5-6" tall.   The 2 wider ones have bead accents. 

The 2 on the right are built on 6" bases with bead accents. and are about 4" tall.  

Wouldn't they make someone feel special as they go about their work?  Pencil baskets include pencils, Note Baskets include small note pads

From the left 1,2, 3 n back, 4,5                     1,2 left to right

  $12.50 each                                               $12.50


The totes above can be used for many things.   There is a bike tote, the open weave  tote  twill totes soft handled totes and an evening out tote.  Teachers, students, knitters, a tote fort the car, or an evening out. So many uses. At home workers can keep materials nearby and handy, Students can as well. The "Car" toys and blanket can be left in their tote in the car. The open weave tote is great at the beach. Anything you can think of!!

Storage and Waste baskets

This group of baskets are storage and waste baskets.  They can be used for anything that would fit really.  Any of them can be lined with a plastic bag. The top just below the rim can have fitted plastic tubing that holds the bag against the basket. In the pictures below the coffee and cream basket has a liner in place. I can make place tubing in any basket

The Recyclables

These baskets all have recycled potato mashers woven into the base and becoming the handle for the basket. Round. square or Market style they are a fun addition to any ones basket collection.

As shown can be used  to hold toilet paper, paper towels, salt an peppers, K-cups (see gift basket page). small plants, Table napkins, anything you want.

Prices average $16.00

More recyclables

Thes unique hanging baskets are made using recycled skimmers.

Each as had the reed attached through the holes or spaces in the skimmer. They will hang on a wall, off a hook, or even a curtain rod.

From Lt-Rt  4" X 3",  Sold,  7" D x 4"H,  sold

And a few more

On the left is a recycled tomato slicer, can hang or sit on its base, In the back is a multipronged angel food cake slicer. The tines have a reed wall woven through them creating a divided basket. The oval basket is an old whip

Slicer  $14.00                Divided  $16.00             Whip  $12.00

Hurricane candle basket

These baskets have wooden slotted base that holds the 12 inch hurricane. A 6" pillar candle sits in the glass A lovely gift


Maroon candle sold



Three of these four vases are woven over glass bowls or vases  and used as molds for the basket. They remain in the basket for use with live flowers. The other will accommodate a slender vase if live flowers are desired. 

The vase with the flowers is woven over a vase from the florist. The bowl shaped vase has a fish bowl and the tall vase uses a cylindrical glass vase.  They all have a black plastic lacer as an  accent weaver along with the reed weaver. All three have round slotted bases that the vase is adhered to.

The Black topped vase has a recycled piece of floor slate as a base. It is woven in round reed stakes and a twill pouchy body the black stakes flare above a tined collar. 

Left: 4" w x 9" tall  $28.00

Fish Bowl  5" H x 4" w  $22.00

Tall Cylinder 10 H x 4" W SOLD

Slate based  5" x 3" x 7" H  $ 28.00

Small Coiled oval Dish

Coiled long southern pine needles, walnut burl base, waxed linen, Tortoise like beads raise the thread wrapped handles. Urethane coated. Basket measures approx. 6" long x 4" wide x 1" deep.

Small coiled dish with burl base $ 45.00 + S&H (0)

Coiled Oval Dish

Coiled long southern pine needles, waxed linen, hand thrown (Gifts of Love) pottery base with pine cone design. Basket measures approx 10" long x 5" wide by 1" deep. Urethane coated

Coiled Oval dish with pottery base $48.00 + S + H (O)

Nantucket Variation Bowl

10" diameter x 3" deep bowl woven over a mold Nantucket style, Look closely and you will see the quad arrow twill design in the body of the basket. Cane staves and weavers, Cherry base, Rim is lashed, not nailed. Bone Dolphin base plug cover. Urethane coated.

$65.00 + S&H


This is a Gourdsket, A coiled basket woven onto a cut, drilled, dyed and varnished Calabash hard shell gourd. Coiling is done with waxed linen thread and Danish cord. A driftwood stick is "captured" in the coiling. Embellishments include beads and feathers. Will sit level without stand.  SOLD

Captured $175.00 + S&H

Captured with stand $180.00 + S&H