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Baskets, Gourdskets and Art Pieces

I personally weave all of the baskets I sell and most of these are my original designs, some are my variation of fellow basket designers patterns or concepts and some are unaltered fellow basket makers designs that I have woven according to their pattern

(O) My Original design

(OV) My Variation of a Pattern or concept),

(P) Fellow designers pattern.

Please visit the pattern page, If you would like one of the baskets featured there, contact me for price and feasibility.

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Small Coiled oval Dish

Coiled long southern pine needles, walnut burl base, waxed linen, Tortoise like beads raise the thread wrapped handles. Urethane coated. Basket measures approx. 6" long x 4" wide x 1" deep.

Small coiled dish with burl base $ 45.00 + S&H (0)

Coiled Oval Dish

Coiled long southern pine needles, waxed linen, hand thrown (Gifts of Love) pottery base with pine cone design. Basket measures approx 10" long x 5" wide by 1" deep. Urethane coated

Coiled Oval dish with pottery base $48.00 + S + H (O)

Round Coiled Dish

Coiled long southern pine needles, waxed linen, walnut slice base. Basket Measure approx. 5" in diameter and 1" deep. Urethane coated.


Nantucket Variation Bowl

10" diameter x 3" deep bowl woven over a mold Nantucket style, Look closely and you will see the quad arrow twill design in the body of the basket. Cane staves and weavers, Cherry base, Rim is lashed, not nailed. Bone Dolphin base plug cover. Urethane coated.

$65.00 + S&H

Nantucket Variation Bowl


Nantucket style small Bowls

6" diameter bowls woven Nantucket style over a mold, Oak bases, reed base plugs. Rims are lashed, not nailed. Basket on the left has a twill spiraling up the side and reed stakes and cane weavers. It is 2-3/4" deep. Basket on the right is 2-1/4" deep and has cane stakes and weavers. Urethane coated.

6" Nantucket style Bowls $30.00 + S&H

Fretwork Nantucket style bowls

These Baskets were woven over a mold Nantucket style.

(1) Basket Bottom left has oak Fretwork base, natural reed stakes and weavers, Side handles are hand carved oak. Rim is lashed. Basket measures approx 8" diameter by 3" deep.

(2) Basket Bottom right has an oak Fretwork Base, reed stakes and cane weavers, Rim is lashed. Basket measures Approx 4" diameter and 2-2-1/2" deep.

Urethane Coated.

#1O oak Fretwork Lg $32.00 + S&H (o)

#2 Oak Fretwork Sm   SOLD

Ms. Sapphire

(All dressed up with no place to go)

This Art piece is constructed using a cut, dyed and drilled Hard Shell Calabash Gourd, Danish cord and waxed Linen is used for coiling. Embellishments include Swarovski Crystal Beads, Mitzuhiki glass beads, Painted Copper wire, feathers and a Teardrop Lapiz Pendant. Stand is included.

Not For Sale, Winner Best in Show, Northeast Basketmakers Guild Spring Gathering 2018


This is a Gourdsket, A coiled basket woven onto a cut, drilled, dyed and varnished Calabash hard shell gourd. Coiling is done with waxed linen thread and Danish cord. A driftwood stick is "captured" in the coiling. Embellishments include beads and feathers. Will sit level without stand.

Captured $175.00 + S&H

Captured with stand $180.00 + S&H

Black Tie

This is a Gourdsket, A coiled basket woven onto a cut, drilled, dyed and varnished Calabash hard shell gourd. Coiling is done with waxed linen thread over Palm Inflorescence, incorporating a shed antler in the weaving. Palm Flower is embellished with A Hematite bead. 8" gourd diameter x 6" height.

Black Tie $150.00 + S&H (O)

The Miners Bowl


Antler Wall Pouch




Recycle / Reuse Gran's Masher

Old mashers are interwoven in the bases baskets. Basket is 9" square x 3" tall. Great Fun.

$18.00 +S&H (OV)