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This is the perfect ornament for all the basket makers out there.

A 2-1/2" bauble filled with everything needed to make a miniscule basket, includes, scissors, a ruler, pencil, mini clothespins and either a Perrier water bottle or a dry martini!.

Colors of reed and ribbon vary, let me pick one for you

Gift Box included

$10.00 EACH

Driftwood trees

These trees are made from  scavenged Great lakes driftwood and various beads. They are about 7" tall,. strung on waxed linen


The Herd is on the move

These woven reindeer are made using 1/4 and 11/64th" reed.  They are stained and sport holiday bows. They make great gift tie ons, ornaments or holiday decorations. They will stand

Larger stands 7" tall

smaller stands 5" tall

$2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

while supplies last

The Gift Card Ornament

These pouch style baskets ate approx'. 3" x 3" . they have wire handles. Each will hold a gift card for your gift giving. Makes a memorable tree decoration

$10.50 each


Free Gift Box available

Angel Ornaments

These whitewashed reed angels are 5-6" tall, have eye bolts in their heads for hanging.


Free Gift Box available

Basket Maker specials

Items here are available sporadically. and available until gone.

 I have a pak,1"ash and jingle bells used in my Large Victorian sleigh pattern available for $3.00