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Posted here will also be photo's of some of the custom orders I have recently completed. These were created from specific needs/purposes. These will serve as an example of what can be done at your request.A custom order is not limited to my established designs.

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This bowl shaped basket has an 8" slotted wood base, finished diameter is about 10" and height is about 7". These colors are the High School colors of the recipient. A stenciled overlay with the school initials was added at 3 evenly spaced areas along the wide maple accent row. Basket is rattan (reed) natural and dyed, Basket has an overall light walnut stain.

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These two baskets are made in the same manner as the one above. One has an 8" slotted base, the other a 9" slotted base. Finished diameters are 9 and 10". x 7" tall. They are woven with natural reed in two different twill patterns, bases are sealed with urethane and a walnut wash stain has been applied.

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This very large basket was made to hold quilts and extra pillows for a friends sofa. It is built on an 18" x 24" custom made slotted wood base. the colors in the basket complimented the pillows, furniture and room


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This gathering basket is made using a 12 x 14 D handle and double wall construction. The interior wall is woven in smoked reed and then the outer was woven over it. The inner wall becomes a self mold for the outer wall. Double wall baskets are very sturdy and allow for different color patterns to be used. Very fittingly, in the photo Lee is using this for gathering Bittersweet!! 

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This simple basket was made for an elderly Aunt of a customer who needed a generous storage container for paper napkins. The light pink matched room decor. Basket is about 8" square and 6" tall. Small leather side handles were added for interest. It will hold almost 500 napkins

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I made these baskets for my Daughter when she was expecting her first child. She had a nice book shelf and intended to use it to store books, diapers, etc in the baby's room. She asked if I could make some baskets for her "like the ones they have in Pottery Barn". All 5 baskets have custom made rectangular slotted wooden bases. The two larger baskets have sponged pottery handles on the rim in the hand hold spaces. The 3 smaller baskets have over wrapped rim handles accented with dyed reed. These now reside in the play room for all 3 of my grandchildren and are sturdy enough to hold wooden blocks & all sorts of construction toys.

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When my first grandchild was born, I saw this as an opportunity to get creative and weave some things for new Mom and Baby. This basket was made using an odd rectangular base I had, about 4" x 10". The sides are about 8" tall. The Iron handle, end to end had curved rim extensions that help the end shaping. This has been very handy on the side of the changing table.

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Any of the baskets

featured below or on the pattern page

can be custom ordered. If you have a space or use you'd like to fill with a basket or if you see something you like here but it is not exactly what you need/want. E mail me at [email protected]; and we will figure out the perfect basket for you. Include your phone contact so that I can call and discuss the particulars.The possibilities are endless.

I personally weave all of the baskets I sell and most of these are my original designs, some are my variation of fellow basket designers patterns and some are unaltered fellow basket makers designs 

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(O) My Original design (OV) My Variation of a Pattern),

(P) Fellow Designers patterns.

 Click on basket to see larger photo

Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders

Penobscot Tote or Purse (O + OV)

This is the smaller 3"w x 8"l x 8"H Larger is 5"w x 14"L x 13"H is a variation of the New England Tote by Diane Stanton Both have gentle cats head shaping and color accents that coordinate with shaker tape straps. Larger basket has straps long enough to carry on the shoulder. Smaller basket has a filled base. Choice of strap color. (OV) Maroon. Dark Green, Dark blue Choice of accent color Dark Green, Maroon, Dark Blue, Black, Smoked Brown $26.00 + S&H Purse $38.00 + S&H Tote

Recycle / Reuse Gran's Masher (OV)

This 10" x 4" x ?" (height off side determined by style of masher) rectangular basket has the masher interwoven into the basket base and the handle becomes the basket handle. These are great fun and make a great gift. Currently Accent colors can match or coordinate with handle. Available handles 3 plain wood, 1 black acrylic, 2 red Specify desired color and accent $22.00 +S&H

Wine or Beverage Tote

This basket is built on a 4" slotted base, has natural and dyed weaving with overlay accent. The swing wire bail handle allows for ease of inserting bottle. Faux grapes & leaves for wine tote. Wine (W/ grapes) $23.00 +S&H Beverage (wo grapes) $22.00 +S&H

Prairie Rose (O)

his is an 8" w X 6" to rim round double bottom spoked basket. Sides are natural reed with dyed vine and ash flower knot accents. Handle is notched ash with a dip $28.00 +S&H

French Bread Basket (O)

This is a rectangular basket with gentle cats head shaping. A wide band of color accents the sides and it can have pottery/ceramic rim handles added to the ends Choice of colors are many and varied, inquire about availability. $16.00 + S&H $24.00 with handles + S$H

A Basket For Waiting

This 6"w x 10" long basket has sloped sides and a 4 rod outer rim. The sides are accented with dyed flat and round reed. 2" pottery tie on embellishes. It is a great size for carrying books, or small projects to work on if you find yourself waiting and in need of something to do. Choose from Country Goose or Heart and flower tie on $28.00 +S&H