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Gift basket ideas

I will post some suggestions here of what might make up a unique gift basket for gift giving

First off, in addition to baskets, ornaments and needlework I have some items that you can purchase to enhance your gift baskey.

I have K-cups for coffee, Hot chocolate and hot apple cider. I have some boxes of flavored teas and not shown in this photo, I have the Sally Ander Hog Wash soap.

This group picture shows baskets made using recycled potato mashers as the basket handle, Yes the handle is woven into the base and the masher handle becomes the basket handle. These are baskets from my reuse, upcycle, recycle series. here they are used as the box for the gift, becoming a gift in itself, Depending on what is put together will determine price of whole gift basket. I will be giving discounts.  

The masher basket alone will come with a

 free roll of Toilet Paper

The long handled basket can have a free roll of paper towels or 2 rolls of toilet paper

Shown here are 3 masher baskets, 

K-cups and quilted mug hugger. With free mug.    

A crochet hugger with free mug, cotton wash cloth and a couple mug mats. 

the last one has a set of 4 plate mats.

The basket can be used to hold K-cups on the counter if that is what one does. It will also hold salt and pepper and napkins, small potted plants, toiletries in the bathroom or guest room. Or if looking closely at the first picture, extra toilet paper or paper towels (long handle giant masher)

Who wouldn't want that?? You could add a bar of the Hog wash soap too. I have a bar in my kitchen and laundry.

A tote Gift Basket

You could fill any of these totes with any of the items I have offered above. A new mom might like a tote with a car seat afghan, and toddler hat, or wool socks, or a hoodie sweater.  The student might like one with an ear warmer or mug hugger with mug.

Desk Mates

This group of baskets are idea for the work at home or homeschooled or anyone on your gift list. Perfect for pens and pencils, markers and crayons. scratch pads or jelly beans!!

Box of 24 crayons included in baskets shown, Pencils only in taller baskets. Scrap pads included in baskets shown