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 What are these Baskets made out of?

The majority of the baskets I make are made of rattan, a vining plant that grows up into the top of the rain forest is Asia. It is harvested and processed by hand, then imported and available commercially. The skin of the rattan vine is what is known as cane and is also used for weaving.

I also use paper thin ash and maple as decorative touches or in miniature baskets and special projects.

Natural materials include honeysuckle vine, twine, sea grass, sweet grass, long southern pine needles, philodendron sheathes, horsehair, waxed linen, pine cones, driftwood, barks, wild vines, slate, antlers Gourds and recycled items.


Bases, lids, handles, knobs and feet are made of wood, metal or pottery/ceramic, found objects, or recycled items.

Embellishments include tree fungus, palm flowers, pine needles and cones, feathers, gold, silver, copper and colored acrylic covered wire and a large variety of metal, acrylic, clay, bone, glass and semiprecious gem stone beads.

I use a water based black walnut stain that I make from walnut hulls on most baskets 

What can you do with a Basket?

Baskets beg to be used and make great gifts. Occasions include a birthday, an anniversary, wedding, new baby, new job, moving away, retirement, welcome, thank you, graduation, promotion, Christmas, Halloween, Easter Thanksgiving, for friendship or just for fun.

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 A basket can be used to hold eggs in the frig if there is no tray, for gravy packets, garlic, onions, potato's and a bread basket, for cookies & candy, crackers & chips, casseroles & pies.. to hold wooden spoons, paper and pens, mail, magazines, potpourri, newspapers, the remote and TV guide, keys, spare change, jewelry, extra tissue, makeup & daily pills...they can hold napkins, laundry, linen and trash, cleaning supplies & rags, pillows, quilts and toys. Step baskets take things up and down, A basket can be used as a purse or back pack, a tote for teachers or baby things, for the beach, books or shopping, for picnic's & wedding attendants, even your pets bed. 

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A basket can also be a vessel to inspire & hold your dreams.

This is but a hint of what a basket can be.

From simple country to eclectic art,

Bittersweet Basketry and the "Basket Lady" are here to meet your needs.